We offer comprehensive animal services!

Alpha Wildlife prides ourselves on our detailed and thorough animal service provided by our team. We can help you solve any issues you may have with wildlife. This includes rats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums, snakes, birds, even coyotes and beavers.  We look forward to working with you on all your wildlife needs. Not only are we here to help, but to educate, and work with you to solve all your wildlife needs.  Check out some of our videos and tips to look for around your house. 


Animal Trapping

RACCOON REMOVAL, SQUIRREL REMOVAL, ROOF REMOVAL MEMPHISOur humane removal tactics and professionally trained staff are equipped and certified to follow the best practices of effective animal control (not just removal).  It is important, especially in primarily urban areas like Memphis, to keep the inhabitants of the city safe from health hazards caused by wildlife. Our years of expertise with wildlife in and around Memphis help us not only locate potential entry points.  Years of studying wildlife habits helps us determine the best place to deploy traps for quick results.


Cleaning up Animal habitats in your homeDAMAGE FROM RACCOON , SQUIRREL , ROOF RAT MEMPHIS

Removing the pollutants that the wildlife may have leftover in your home  is important and should not be overlooked – long term exposure could cause serious health problems. Our services not only will clean up messes left behind but ensure they will stay that way!


Animal Damage Repair and Prevention

DAMAGE FROM RACCOON , SQUIRREL , ROOF RAT MEMPHISWildlife can cause pretty severe damages to your homes – we can fix it.  Squirrels often damage roofs and attics. Not only will we repair the damage that has be done, we will safe guard your house from top to bottom to prevent animals from re-entering your home.





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