Memphis ranks 2nd in the nation with roof rat population.
According to Fox 13 and other sources, Memphis ranks 2nd in roof rat population in the nation!  Read more here

Roof rats are not another word for squirrels.

These rats mainly do their damage in your attic. They typically live in large communities. Where there is one, there are guaranteed to be many more. Roof rats only need a very small space to enter your house. Females can have 5-8 babies per liter.  This can add up quickly in your house.

Roof rats typically live in your attic.

They tend to burrow into the insulation and tear it up ROOF RAT DAMAGE MEMPHISpretty quickly.  Typically, you will see signs of burrowing into your insulation and their droppings scattered about.  Some other common signs of roof rats are brown staining on pipes in the attic. This staining is a sign of frequent movement.  Typically, they follow the same paths, and the stains are caused by their undersides rubbing on the PVC pipes while they scurry along. It is important to remove roof rats and their waste in order to prevent them from returning to ensure the health of your family.

They can usually be identified by their long tails.  They only need a whole less than the size of a ping pong ball to get into your home.  Roof rats are typically active at dusk and more often stay in dense foliage.  If there is foliage around your house such as bushes or vines, try to cut them back.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us with question or concerns regarding roof rat removal.


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