Squirrels in your home can keep you up and night and give you nightmares thinking about repairs!
Squirrels teeth never stop growing.  So to combat that, they need to chew. 
Unfortunately, if you have squirrels or trees near your home that chewing can
effect your SQUIRREL DAMAGE MEMPHIShome.  Squirrels don’t need much room to get in and will chew almost anything they com in contact with.  They will also leave a lot of waste in your insulation that can easily get you sick as well as, cause damage to dry wall.

Squirrels breed twice a year. 


Once in the spring and in the fall.  That is when squirrels are most likely going to try and make there way into your home. Multiple home remedies have been attempted. Leave the light on in the attic, buy a strobe light, Cayenne pepper, and bleach. Ultimately, when you get tired of trying these wife’s tale remedies, call the experts.  We specialize in trapping, prevention and restoring your home. To learn more follow us on Facebook or Youtube or call us at 901-305-4577


Experts in Squirrel prevention and trapping.


Alpha Wildlife not only traps squirrel, but we will do a thorough check of your home to ensure we can prevent them from re-entering. We make sure to check all areas of your home for squirrel entry points. Trapping is the best way to rid your attic of squirrels.  If you try to poison them, consequently, you will have a dead squirrel in your home which no one will enjoy.

Not only do we trap, but we will take your intruders to a more safe environment for them and you! 


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